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Spa Hotel

Bad Wörishofen, the Kneipp Mecca

The brilliantly simple, but all the more effective Kneipp naturopathic treatment has been a tradition at the Fontenay Spa Hotel ever since it was founded in the century before last! The modern term SPA also drives simply from the Latin for "healthy through water", and the Sebastian Kneipp methods are more contemporary today than ever.

There is scarcely another health centre in the world with so much experience and so positive substantiated scientific results in naturopathy as Bad Wörishofen. And the Kneipp-Spa-Hotel Fontenay is the foremost exponent at the health resort.

Individuality is our trump card in the attentive treatment provided by our experts, too: fresh hay-blossom packs are part and parcel of the classic Kneipp cure. In accordance with an old tradition these are prepared fresh every day at the Fontenay using 1/3 natural hay-blossoms and 2/3 shredded hay.

More space for vital joie de vivre

Enter the exclusive health and fitness landscape of the Fontenay Spa Hotel. Think of yourself for once and treat yourself to exclusive relaxation. Flowing, bubbling, steaming and massaging water flows surround you with wellbeing.

Sebastian Kneipp's ideas for inner and outer wellbeing become an attractive vital experience at the Fontenay. In this environment, Kneipp suddenly acquires the unique standing that he deserves.